5 Sanity Saving Tips for the Holidays

We all love the holidays.  However sometimes the stuff that comes with it can be stressful. Shopping, baking, cooking, decorating, holiday parties, work functions, family disagreements to name a few.

I actually love most of these things minus the family disagreements. However, I feel like all these things get crammed up in one month and can cause a large amount of overwhelm. After the holidays you can sit back and not even remember enjoying special moments or time with family because you were so consumed with events, planning and “doing”.

To help minimize the stress and keep your sanity, I created 5 Sanity Saving Tips for the Holidays that you can easily sprinkle into your day and week to help you calm down and enjoy the holiday season.

5 Sanity Saving Tips for the Holidays!

Carve out me time. I know it sounds simple but it is so important. Self care is often overlooked as other family members needs take precedent. Treat yourself to 20 minute of reading a book alone, a manicure, take a special class at the gym you have not made time for or call your best friend and just gab.sanity saving tips, 5 tips, holidays, stress, destress

Put thought into your gifts. Sometimes we buy because we have to. We feel obligated perhaps or run out of what to get someone. Take some time ahead of the holidays to think a bit more about your shopping list, who is on it and how they best could be appreciated this year. It might not be something bought at all! Perhaps they need a day off from their kids and you can volunteer to be the babysitter. Thing outside the box!

Scale down the kitchen time. I know I have done this recently and it helps. Don’t feel the need to have everything homemade or bake for every single neighbor. It is fine to buy treat and bring that store-bought pie to your holiday party.  I recently bought several holiday boxes of Andes Mints, tied bows on them and gave them out to my son’s after care staff. They were under $2 but most importantly saved me time as well as money.

Savor the moment. Hit pause! Put your phone away at your childs holiday concert and take it in. Many moments we can never take back. I always think of life as a series of moments. Some good, some bad. Many right in the middle! Make them count.sanity saving tips, 5 tips, holidays, destress

Eat, Sleep, Repeat! Yes. Eating well and not filling up on too much sugar and junk is always a struggle at the holidays. Plan ahead a bit and make sure you are making some healthy choices along with the occasional indulgence. This will help you feel better mentality and physically. And by all means get enough rest. When you are well rested, you can take on anything.

In closing, the holidays are always going to be stressful to some degree. Learning how to hit the pause button and incorporate some of these tips each week will help put a bit more joy and less stress into your holiday season.

Lastly, I want to THANK YOU my loyal readers, fellow bloggers and anyone new to my blog for your support and engagement. I hope you all have a safe and happy holiday season!


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