Beauty Bag to Go!

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Every women should have beauty to go bag for those unfortunate mishaps and unexpected accidents. You know, those mornings you are dressed up and meeting your boss for a meeting and drive over a bump in the road and spill your coffee on your lap. Or when you realize the hem of your pants decided to come down and hang out for the day.

How many of those unexpected have happened to you? I know it is too many to mention for myself! So learning from my mistakes, I have a beauty to go bag on me with all types of essentials that can help with a beauty emergency or mishap while traveling or at work.

This should be separate from what is in your handbag but can fit into your handbag or desk at work. It does not have to be large either!

Beauty Bag to Go essentials

Of course this is just a small list to get you started. As you find yourself having these beauty emergencies, you will naturally add other items in your beauty to go bag that you know will save the day. At least you will feel better knowing you have prepared a bit for what life can through on us!

What is your must have beauty emergency item?

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