“The Big Life”- A badass book review!

I love to read but am horribly slow at it! I wish I could carve out more time to do so. When I do get into a book, I love to share the ones I enjoy the most. Many are self-help, inspirational or teach me something. Once in a while I will get into a good non-fiction novel but I tend to gravitate more to the books that I can learn from.

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The Big Life by Ann Shoket (photo by Charging You Up)

This one hit me straight on at the library. Author Ann Shoket, The Good Life. What a title? As if no one wants that right? Ann goes right into her busy 20 something life years ago as a wanna be editor in NYC working a menial job at an attorney’s office. That menial job ended up teaching her a lot about what kind of life she didn’t want and catapulted her to where she is now as Chief Editor of Seventeen Magazine and inspiring millennial woman everywhere.

As I look back on the many  of the first jobs I had, I totally learned what I wanted next and what I know I never wanted to do again. Our experiences shape us. Pain, agony, stress and determination are sometimes necessary to getting to where we belong in life. Says me, not Ann. 🙂

Ann tells countless tales of young woman going beyond the grain to get what they want in life. And by no mean does this mean they are missing out on life! If anything this book outlines that you can go for what you want professionally and still have a valuable social life and romantic life. It is about going against the norm and being consistent and persistent in your beliefs and dreams. Not letting others get in your way and carving out the new norm for professional woman on your way to the top.

Much of what I like about this book is that it inspires young woman to not settle. Have a hustle! Do something on the side that is inline with your passion. And this does not even mean it has to earn you money. This spoke to me greatly as a blogger. I am no famous author, but by all means use blogging to share my thoughts, inspiration and life hiccups with the world. It’s my side hustle. My little passion and my happy place.

I wish I had this book in my twenties. However, I feel like I did a pretty good job finding my own grit and confidence as I got older with the experiences I took chances at and a role model professional for a mother who instilled in me confidence to create my own path. Great recommendation for a new female grad or a young female setting off on her first big move!

If you want to learn more, you can find Ann Shoket at http://annshoket.com/   

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