Call Me.. Maybe?

Have you ever tried to call someone for a service or business and after multiple times your call does not get returned? I have a post for you! That Carly Rae Jepsen song has been ringing in my ears! Being desperate to get someones attention and doing all you can to hope you get a call from them. Sound familiar?

call me maybeIn the real world, I work as a Sales Rep. My sole job is to engage the customer, follow-up on leads and by all means return emails and phone calls from my accounts. Maybe it is just the whole wedding planning thing I am going through right now or the fact that I provide customer service every day but in the last 3 months  have never had such bad experience with poor customer service.

It first started on a weekend trip to Rhode Island. We had a great time and stayed in a fantastic hotel. However the phone did not work, the lamps near our bed and we were rudely awoken by a wedding party who brought locals to the hallway to keep the party going. After calling for security and upon check out the next day we were told to contact the Manger on Monday about the complaint. So I did. 3 days go by and nothing. I emailed her, nothing. A week and a half goes by I call again and am told she is in a meeting and to leave a voicemail. I never heard from the manager.

Look, I get that we all don’t want to bother with disgruntled customers, but that is your darn job as a manager! I do it everyday. I apologize, deal with service complaints, smile and we do better next time. Plus, I was going to be nice about it and just wanted to be compensated a bit for everything not working in our room.

The second time had been my experience with vendors for our wedding. First, I had hotels that would not return my call to get information about blocking rooms for our guests. At least two voicemail messages. No return call. The third was a florist that asked me after our appointment for my Pinterest pictures of what I envisioned.  I sent them and waited patiently. They got back to me 4 weeks after we met and I even had to call in between to ask again for the quote.

Lastly, I was looking to set up my bridal hair and makeup appointments. I called a few reputable salons and some personal artists that were referred to me by my own hair stylist. At least 2 out of the 3 salons or makeup artists I called never returned my call. So frustrating! I can only imagine that business is booming and they did not need my business. After a few weeks of hoping I would get some call backs, I decided to go back to a local Facebook friend who is a professional makeup artist and already had promised me she was available and willing. Such a better choice. I did end up finding a salon as well to get my hair done, finally.

I always thought that the customer is always right. I also know that in order to have a good business, you better be calling potential customers back. With the social media boom, customers are only a FB post or Tweet away from giving their thoughts on their experience with you. It’s a scary thought for a business owner really.

The hotel ended up getting a negative Facebook review from me. The florist and salons just never got our business for our wedding and the hotels were skipped on to ones who were interested in having their rooms booked.

call me maybeI get that we are all busy. And wedding season is high in the summer. But gosh darn it ,my little winter wedding with no attendants is just as important that a huge summer bash.  And you can bet I will never go back to that hotel. Which is a shame because we love the town, but there are others for us to visit and stay at by all means.

A little goes a long way and if I have to chase you down for your service, something is wrong you better put your energy elsewhere.

Glad to say we secured a wonderful florist who has our vision and great hotels blocked off for our January wedding. Now, I’m just hoping our cake baker is attentive and can call me… maybe?


5 thoughts on “Call Me.. Maybe?

  1. Bonnie says:

    So true! I had a bad experience with a hotel I booked through Expedia and gave a bad review post-trip. They ended up giving me a substantial credit! Large enough to book another trip (at a different hotel, of course!)

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    • says:

      You know I am totally not that person either to go and get back at people. I just had had enough. My only thinking is that maybe someone at corporate will see it and talk with the manager about neglecting our issues. Onward!

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