So I’m Engaged, Now What?

I can’t say their is a more exciting time then getting engaged.  The only other big life event would be having a baby.  Both are filled with an abundance of learning curves, information gathering and intense planning!

engaged, wedding planning

Craft store finds

Christmas morning I was surprised with a stunning diamond ring and asked to marry the most generous, thoughtful and dedicated man I have ever met. Of course it was an astounding yes! Having been together for 4 years, this was a natural progression in our relationship and a firmer commitment to making our dreams come into fruition and creating our lives together.

I was married once before, so I have planned a large formal event before. My fiance has never been married. It is my goal to make sure we make decisions together. No Bridezilla here! This event I knew would be much smaller at maybe 60 guests, but the goal is to plan it with just as much detail, elegance and thoughtfulness as my previous larger one. I want this event to be just as much about him as it is me. We are becoming one! This is a time for us to imagine what we want the day to look like, have a nice chunk of time to research our vendors and include all the details we want to make this day unique and special.

Once we secured our date and venue, we quickly started investigating vendors. DJ, Videographer, Photography, Florist’s, Hair and Makeup and Gobo’s? I’ll explain later!

engaged, wedding planning

Me and my future hubby

It is AMAZING to find out how far photography and videography has come in 15 years. So much more versatile and so much more cinematic. It is exciting to have the opportunity to have our special day captured with so many options!

One tip I can give you is do your homework! View the websites of the photographers and look at their photo albums and get a feel for their style. There are SO many and SO many are SO different. Prices will normally go higher depending on the package but you can negotiate! If something is included that you don’t need  like a highlight reel or engagement session, see if they will take it out and reduce your price. I also think ( along with food) this is the one area you should not skimp on. Get a professional and get it done right. It is a special day and you want to savor those memories for a long time having the photographer capture both your personalities and highlight the love you have for each other.

You will quickly find out after getting engaged, when you start your vendor search there are a lot of additional services these vendors offer. Photo booths, design and decor, rentals for tents, up lighting, wedding officiants, wedding coordinators and Gobos?  Yes Gobos! No, not that adorable character from Fraggle Rock. A Gobo is a custom monogrammed image that is lit on the wall or dance floor at your wedding. Typically with the couples initials or last name and date of the event. Fancy! Let’s just say it is easy to keep adding, adding, adding more and forgetting your budget.  Discuss in advance of going to these appointments what you want and how much you are budgeting.

A great resource  for the newly engaged is You can get a wealth of ideas from dresses, decor, floral’s and ceremony ideas, favors and themes just by putting in the search bar a topic. I have to say my wedding  Pinterest page is flowing over. But I know it will come in handy when we make decisions on decor, what kind of hair I want that day and floral’s to have some ideas mapped out so when I see something that catches my eye, it gets pinned.

Etsy is another site that has a ton of inspiration for weddings. Found at , you can go on peoples personal shops to purchase items you might want to incorporate like decor and favors. is the premier wedding planning site. The Knot has planners and calculators leading up to your special day as well as resources for vendors, dresses, honeymoons, you name it.

One thing I am hoping to accomplish while engaged is a nice long time frame for planning. Reveling in the process. Sharing our ideas together and making our event a magical day with friends and family.

Stay tuned as I will be posting other engagement planning posts in the upcoming months!

12 thoughts on “So I’m Engaged, Now What?

  1. Bonnie says:

    So happy for you and enjoy every second of both the process and the day! I made the mistake of skimping on a photographer by asking a friend to take pictures- something I’ve regretted everyday since!

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  2. Deb says:

    Enjoy the excitement of planning! Although I’m glad to be happily married after 20 years, it sure would be fun to have a “do-over” of our wedding so we could get our pictures taken in a more modern style, etc. I love how things are done today!

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  3. Jennifer says:

    Best wishes and I hope the wedding is everything that you want it to be! The second time around, I went with the elopement because I had a huge wedding the first time around. Luckily, my husband was also in agreement.

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  4. Julie Kieras says:

    It is SO amazing how far photography/videography has come. I actually wish I could GO BACK and redo that aspect of our wedding as it’s just SO lacking considering what is available today! 🙂 Have a blast planning, and CONGRATS!

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