Kidz Gear Headphones Make the Grade

I don’t do a ton of product reviews. Mainly, because I need it to be something I would use, believe in or is in my circle of values. I was happy to take on reviewing Kidz Gear headphones for kids.

If you have children, you know they are the best advocates for tech savvy products and know what is hot and trending. The problem with them being so informed, is much of what they want comes with a hefty price tag. That is exactly why Kidz Gear was invented. Their creator is a mom just like you and I. She hated having to buy expensive yet cheaply made tech products such as headphones, Bluetooth accessories to have an adult product experience only to have it break. And we all know kids might not have the best judgement controlling the sound level so why give them a product made for adults?

Kidz Gear

Kidz Gear Wireless & Wired Headphones

Wired Kidz Gears KidzControl products provide high adult like quality products made for kids. The headphones come in bright, fun colors and are very comfortable to wear. I wore them while writing this post and I would choose them over ear buds any day. For kids this is important for being encouraged to even want to use them. They also have a volume limit to them so are safe for kids ears and ergonomically fit.

The Kidz Gears products have won several awards such as Academics Choice Award, Creative Child Award and Teachers Choice Award to name a few! The product line includes Wired, Wireless, Bluetooth, Boom Mics and accessories. I was able to sync the Bluetooth with Mic in 2 minutes to my iPhone and listen to Pandora. Super simple! I know my son will love to use this for his iPod when we are in the car. Do you think those ear buds we stick into our large ears kids enjoy? Likely not. They are awkward to put in small ears and always fall out once children start moving around. Problem solved!

You can learn more about Kidz Gear products here at

Products can be bought online through Target or Amazon to name a few retailers!

I was asked to review Kidz Gear in exchange for headphones and this review. My comments and opinions are my own,


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