Mason Jar DIY Gifts

As if the holidays are not stressful enough with having to decorate, shop for family and friends and attend holiday functions, you also have those other important people to show your appreciation during the holidays.DIY, homemade, holiday gifts, teacher gifts

I’m talking about the babysitter, teachers, mail carrier, neighbors, bus driver.. you catch my drift. By all means if you bought an actual gift for all these people you likely would be broke by New Years! Something small, affordable and homemade is always easy. Besides most people just want to know they are thought of and appreciated!

I was lucky to get mason jars 50% off at the craft store.  Mason jars are so versatile. I bought several as well as paper shreds for stuffing, tags and raffia. You could also use holiday ribbons or bows. Be creative. The stuffing is great for a filler and to ensure the contents don’t shift in the jar. I filled my jars with  I loved that it only needed 3 ingredients! I changed the name to holiday as I was not sure which holidays my recipients celebrated. Either way it is the perfect 3 ingredient treat to make fast. I love using raffia during the holidays. I think it gives the item a rustic vibe! I tied the raffia around the jars and put a tag through it labeling the bark.


Mason jars, DIY, homemade, holiday gifts, teacher giftsMason jars, DIY, homemade, holiday gifts, teacher giftsmason jars, DIY, homemade, holiday gifts, teacher gifts

Other suggestions to fill Mason jars.

  • Holiday M&M’s and Kisses
  • Chocolate covered pretzels
  • Manicure Jar! Fill with nail polish, file, hand cream and other manicure items for the babysitter
  • Homemade cookies or brownies( Buy larger size jars for full size cookies)
  • Money Jar! Lottery tickets and gold chocolate coins
  • Hot cocoa, chocolate spoons and marshmallows
  • Coffee Break Jar! 2-3 coffee pods, sweeteners, chocolate spoons
  • Tea Time! Mini jar of honey, tea bags, sugar packets, silver spoon
  • Cookie Mix! Layer all the dry ingredients to someones favorite treat
  • Breakfast in a Jar! Create an overnight oats in a jar with oats, nuts, dried fruit, cinnamon and coconut
  • Homemade Jam. ( I mean they are mason jars. 🙂 )
  • Office supplies. Post-It Notes, fun pens or pencils, stickers, colorful paperclips and tacks, mini planner or calendar
    Mason jars, DIY, homemade, holiday gifts, teacher gifts

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