New Year’s Eve Cocktail Considerations

We all know that New Year’s and champagne go hand in hand. But how many of you other than on New Year’s are drinking champagne other than at midnight?

New Year's cocktail considerations, New Years Eve, cocktails, Dec 31st, Happy New Year, drinks Why not toast in the New Year with some different cocktails and save the champagne for midnight only. Most of the time we don’t get creative with our drinks because we just have not taken the time to research a recipe or take the initiative to buy the needed ingredients. I’ve found that many of the handmade craft cocktails in my favorite restaurants are pretty simple to make at home with the right tools and 2-3 ingredients. And by no means do they have to have alcohol! Do some research as there are plenty of “mocktail” recipes out there! I listed one non-alcoholic option below.

Here also are some suggestions to have for a basic well stocked tool kit for your bar so you can make them with ease. Don’t feel you need to buy everything. Start small with a cocktail shaker and jigger. Other things will come as you get more creative like a muddler. Oh and don’t forget those garnishes! I am a sucker for a nice piece of rosemary, a berry or lemon peel decorating my drink!

Bar Essentials

  • Cocktail Shakers
  • Bottle opener ( duh)
  • Cocktail Strainer
  • Muddler ( for muddling fruits into your drinks)
  • Jigger for measuring
  • Variety sizes of glassware like tall , martini, and highball
  • I have listed some of the best cocktails to consider here for you from some of the webs most popular sites. Take a look!

New Year’s Eve Cocktail Considerations

Cranberry Spice Cocktail

Apple Cider and Rum Punch

Peach Cosmo

Citrus 75

Strawberry Sombrero

Peppermint Egg Nog Punch

Cranberry Sparkler (non-alcoholic)

I am looking forward to New Year’s Eve with a homemade dinner and quiet evening in reflecting on this past year. Life has brought me so many joys so that when things don’t go the right way, it definitely softens the bump. I guess that is what life is anyway. A series of memories and experiences. Here is to having more joys than sorrows and more laughs than cries. Wishing all of you a Happy and Healthy New Year!

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