Renewing Your Home for Spring

This spring has been a wet one. April showers bring May flowers so they say! The earth is renewing itself and getting ready to bloom and blossom.

Renewing your home is no different! You might change the decor from season to season or holiday to holiday. It’s time to take out the patio furniture and grill and dust off the lounge chairs. Inside I normally like to make a consignment shop haul for my son’s clothe’s that no longer fit as well as household items I just have been hanging onto way too long but never use. How about those flower beds that need weeding and mulched?

It is a daunting task to get your home ready for the spring. My best advice would be to tackle 2 things a week rather than pile up the week with a ton of tasks that never fully get executed. Your home will feel renewed and refreshed before you know it.

Here are some great ideas for spring cleaning your home

  1. Check out the closets. If you have spring pieces you have not worn in 2 years, you likely wont now. Don’t feel guilty! Consign them and let someone else enjoy them and put some cash in your wallet. You also will be freeing up space for pieces you love and will wear.
  2. Jackets. Check to see if your spring coats need cleaning or are ripped and no longer wearable. Those you love, make a plan to get them repaired. This is a great time to wash or dry clean your winter coats and store away clean for next year.
  3. Household items: I am a believer in less is more. I just moved so I literally have 2 boxes of items to bring to consign that no longer go with my decor or they just do not fill me with joy anymore. Books too that I have read and will likely not refer to in the future will go. Renewing your home for spring, spring cleaning
  4. Garage. This has to be the easiest place to store things and forget about them. Check your shelves and find out what you really need and what you are no longer using. Old toys, sleds, equipment, anything damaged or needs repair you do not plan on doing should go. Most towns have a bulk pick up each season. This is a great time to put it on the curb and let it go making room for new space. Things you keep can be easily stored neatly using plastic tool organizers and garage shelving.
  5. Basement. This is usually where we are storing holiday items, bins of extra clothes and keepsakes. Take a look at what you have each year before you put them away. Will you use it and enjoy it or does it just take up space in a bin in your basement. Anything you do keep store in airtight plastic containers and tubs. Most valuable bins should be put on shelves in case of flooding or water damage. The plastic ones you put together and are inexpensive would do.
  6. Outdoors. Normally May is the month that we start looking at our yards and planting when things dry up. Make a plan for cleaning up mulch beds and reapplying new mulch where it is needed. Weeding is also a good idea to keep beds looking neat. Use a weed killer if needed for stubborn areas. You lawn is the footprint of your home, but it comes at a cost with landscapers. Find out what you can do yourself at your local Lowes or Home Depot before calling in the experts. With a little work and a fraction of the cost, you can take care of dead grass, weeds and seeding yourself. 
  7. Cleaning. We clean our homes all the time right? With the change of the season it is a great time to do some deep cleaning such as windows, fans, pulling the furniture away and getting into the crevasses of cushions and floors. touching up walls that need paint, gutters, power washing  the exterior of your home if needed, sweeping out the garage to name a few. Think of all the things you wanted to get done but the project seemed to big. These are the things you want to do seasonally.

The best part of renewing your home is by far how much more you can enjoy your home when it is exactly how you imagine it should be!

What tips do you have for spring cleaning and renewing your home each spring?

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